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This month Pickleball Is Great presents a series of articles on Pickleball singles play. This is the first installment in that series.

Most pickleball players have only been introduced to the doubles game, and it makes sense.

  • Many of us see pickleball as a social sport, and it’s more fun to have four players on a court than two.
  • Pickleball courts are in high demand, and players would rather see four players on a court than two.
  • Because you need to cover the entire court yourself, singles is a much more physically demanding game.
  • I was recently asked how to play singles and how it differs from doubles. In doubles you work on keeping the ball in play, have a lot of dink rallies, and hit to the middle of the court. Singles demands you to be more aggressive. Players generally hit deep, hard groundstrokes with sharper angles. In singles, one of the goals is to keep your opponent on the move and in the back court. The aggressive, hard, deep groundstroke game agrees especially with many players coming from a tennis background.

    In the doubles game, you work as a team. You share court coverage; you use each other’s strengths; there’s communication and cooperation. In singles, you’re in control of 100% of the game. It’s just you to cover the court; it’s only your strengths (and weaknesses). Singles is a much more physically demanding game. If players are equally matched, the player in the better condition will usually win.


    Up for the challenge???

    Grab a friend and give it a try.

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    Special Contributor
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