Intro To Using, Part One

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Your Player Profile And Account Page

If you’ve played in a tournament, chances are that you’ve used There is a lot of information available to you through the software. This article will hopefully contain a few new tidbits of information for you.

After you’ve initially signed into your account, you’ll see access to your personal profile. I know it is easy to move on, but please take a minute to scan your information. It is important to update your profile before you register for a tournament. We have come across incomplete phone numbers, undeliverable emails, and obsolete skill ratings. If you are a USAPA member, please note your UTPR rating (both 2 and 4-digit numbers) and make sure it matches your rating. If you have a different UTPR rating for mixed or gender doubles, please be sure to indicate your LOWEST rating in your player skill profile. Remember you can always play UP in skill. Profile page -

Your player account page is key and allows you to find and update a lot of information (registering for a tournament, adding an event, changing partner, …). Play around with each of the buttons. You may find it interesting to remember your first tournament.

How To Search For A Tournament

You’ve created (or updated your profile and are ready to play. How do you search for a tournament?

After signing in and getting to your account page, select the fourth button down (Register for a Tournament). Rather than scrolling down the thousands of listed tournaments, go to the search box on the right-hand size. “Keyword” is when you want to search a tournament name. Use the “State/Province”, then “City” options to search a specific area. This is the easiest and quickest tournament search field.

  • You may also access this search field from the homepage. Using the drop-down “tournaments” menu list from the top menu bar, select either “Featured”, “This Week”, “Future”, or “Past”. Not only will each take you to that specific field, but you’ll also see that “Search for a Tournament” option on the right-hand side.
  • You may want to use the filter “Show Open Registrations Only”

Use the “Expanded Search Options” to search for tournaments featuring prize money, using a specific ball or surface, promoting live streaming, or a few other options.

The top menu bar provides a few specific calendar searches:

  • Tournament Calendar
    • Displays tournament play dates in blue
  • Registration Calendar
    • Displays open registration date in greens and registration close date in reds
  • The top menu bar also has a limited search field where you may input the city to search (do NOT include the state). If you search by tournament name, you must submit the exact and complete tournament name.

Now that you’ve found a tournament, register and walk through the steps in selecting the events to play.

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