This Wonderful Game Of Pickleball

Pickleballers at large header -
April Writing Contest Entry

By Jim Cook

The game is here. The game is there.
It can now be found almost anywhere.

It’s played on a little court, only 44 by 20
But the enjoyment and action are more than plenty.

Start with a paddle, a ball and a net
And a desire to play and you’re all set.

Indoors or outdoors under the sun
It’s a wonderful game for everyone.

Young or old, or somewhere in between
Players of all ages on the courts can be seen

The players don’t require agility and speed
Playing smart on the court is what you really need.

If to hit every shot hard is the way that you think
You’ll probably succumb to that player who can dink.

You can be alone and a stranger when you show up for a game
Eleven points later three new friends you can claim.

So, don’t waste any more time and continue to stall
It’s time you learned this wonderful game of Pickleball!


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