Passionate People Play Pickleball with a Purpose

Pickleballers at large header -
April Writing Contest Entry

By Katelyn Click ~

I enjoy playing Pickleball so much,
That when I go too long without playing,
I get hives and such.
Whenever I hit the Pickleball, it makes this POP sound.
Just like opening a Coke for the first time, AND it’s just as refreshing.
Before the game starts, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach,
And my heart begins beating like a drum…(Boom Boom)…(Boom Boom)
Suddenly a furious rally is going on, back-and-forth.
And what’s this?
A miss-hit lob from the other team?
I’m about to send right down their throats!
I hit the ball into the net.
It feels like a dagger straight to the heart.
Yes! I do enjoy the thrill of victory, and even the agony of defeat,
But MOST of all, the interesting competitors I meet.
The Pickleball court is my stage, and I’m the shining star.


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