A Pickleball Poem

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April Writing Contest Entry

By Bev Hilton

Pickleball, a game for all ages that provides exercise.
And your number of new friends, soon multiplies

Hit the ball high or hit the ball low.
Just get to the kitchen and don’t be slow.

Dink, dink, and dink some more.
Doing it long enough will improve your score.

You can let it bounce before hitting the ball.
Is it in or out? Well, that’s your call.

Serve a lob or give it some spin.
Just don’t serve it long, or you may not win.

Don’t ask me the score, I haven’t a clue.
But we play play to 11 and win by two.

The court has a kitchen where there is no sink.
But that’s where players perfect the dink.

Play with a partner or play as a single.
Pickleball is great as a fun, social mingle.

Play it for fun, play it with friends.
Play with your spouse, well, that depends.

After learning the game, it’s a safe prediction.
You’ll soon be among those with a new addiction.

So grab your paddle and head to the court.
Play some pickleball, the most awesomest sport!


One thought on “A Pickleball Poem

  1. jim pease says:

    Dear Bev Hilton: Thank you so much for this poem. I have reposted it on my church facebook as we are RE-starting Pickleball at our church. I have also reposted it on my FBCWooPoetry Facebook site (by coincidence, I am also the ADM of this church FB site. I generally try to ask permission first before posting. I hope that it is OK that I did post it. thank you

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