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Welcome To The Picklesphere - Picklesphere

Welcome To The Picklesphere

Welcome-to-the-Picklesphere -

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time a talented but overly-elongated internet marketing professional grew tired of generating business for OTHER people and decided it was time to put his vast array of web skills to use on something HE was passionate about. After being converted from tennis to pickleball in 2018, the obsession began, and it was clear that this “something” had to be the paddle & ball sport with the funny name.

Alas, the Picklesphere was born.

Just the beginning

We are just getting started, but our vision for the ‘Sphere is lofty. Ultimately, our goal is to shamelessly feed the addictions of pickleballers from sea to shining sea by providing products they love and a wide variety of content that is useful, entertaining, and even game-changing. The picklesphere will be a collaborative effort with contributions from staff, notable personalities in the pickleball community, as well as everyday pickleball fanatics like yourselves.

We will continually be looking to add value to the Picklesphere, whether it’s through new products, features or content. The modest beginning you see today is but a small taste of what we have planned for the Picklesphere down the road, so be sure to hit the bookmark button and check back often!

We welcome your input

If you have thoughts on what you feel make for a great pickleball website, we would love to hear them. Or, if you have an interest in contributing your talents to the Picklesphere yourself, we’d love to hear from you in that case too!

In the meantime, welcome to the Picklesphere, tell your friends about it, and happy pickleballing!

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